Filmywap Movies 2020 : Download Latest Hindi Movies Online

About Filmywap 

 Watching movies or listening to music for free, is something that everyone really wants. However, if you watch or listen to music illegally, it cannot be justified. Because it has made a loss for the owner of the work. Unfortunately, those who are still stubborn by accessing illegal websites, do not care about that. Only with reason, watching movies in the cinema is very expensive. And, choose to access illegal sites that are free, like Filmywap.

Filmywap is known for providing Bollywood and Hindi films. He is also known for leaking copyright content, such as films and TV shows that have not even been released or are being shown in theaters. Pirated films that are uploaded always adjust to the film’s settings and according to the genre. As for the latest film, there is a special section which is usually marked at the top.

About Filmywap 

Filmywap not only provides Bollywood and Hindi films, but it also provides Hollywood Dual Audio Films, Tamil and Telugu. This site often leaks famous songs that can be downloaded for free by users. And, this site makes it easy for users. In India film piracy is considered illegal. Not only India, in some countries such as, the United States also prohibits the piracy of films. The Indian government has even banned illegal sites such as Filmywap, Movierulz, 123Film, and TamilRockers. However, apparently, these sites always make domains like com, info, UK, un, in, and many others to overcome the efforts made by the government to stop leakage of films from these sites. Filmywap even creates interactive groups online, where the site shares some content and surveys. The link has even been circulated thoroughly to build a large online forum. At present there are more than 9,830 thousand members who have joined the group. This allows members to share the movie sites they request with other members.

Some Movies That Leaked On Filmywap Website

  • Chhapaak
  • War
  • Gulboy
  • Good News

And many others. However, there are also films that have been long-awaited, such as Pressure Stoves, Kadaram Kondan, Saho, Adithya Varma, Baahubali, Bharat, Kabir Singh, Arjun Patiala, Spiderman, Raja Singa, and many more.

Is it Safe to Access Illegal Sites?

Behind the ease of downloading movies or music through illegal sites, is not merely done without reason. Internet costs are quite cheap, fast internet access and the information available is quite up to date. Compared to the cost of watching movies in theaters is quite high.However, downloading free movies also has disadvantages. Because it is accessed freely without going through film censors, sometimes films that are accessed through illegal sites do not censor parts that should not be shown such as pornography, violence, and immoral acts that are broadcast freely.

Filmywap is known for providing Bollywood and Hindi films

The behavior of downloading movies or music for free seems to make a loss on many parties. In addition to filmmakers who have taken pains to make films and downloaders, it is easy to watch them without spending a single fee. However, not all downloading movies or music on the site are illegal, there are several sites that have legalized members to access the latest films, for example, Even then, members are required to pay administrative costs first, and then free.

Know the Types of Piracy

  1. Use a single version of the license on some computers
  2. Loading software on a computer without giving appropriate license
  3. Use a key generator to generate registration keys that convert an evaluation version to a licensed version
  4. Use a stolen credit card to cheat buying licenses on software
  5. Send license versions of software products on the internet and available for download

Piracy Losses

   Piracy, which is currently in the spotlight on various parties, has influenced filmmakers and artists in various countries. Because illegal sites like filmywap affect career and box office widely. Not a few directors and producers filed complaints. However, apparently, the government was unable to overcome this. The existence of piracy also makes the collection of movies in several countries has decreased. Not only does it affect the film industry, but also cinema rooms are increasingly deserted.

Dangers That Lurk When Accessing Illegal Sites

  Users of illegal or torrent sites seem to pose a threat to the user’s security because they can host malicious files, disguised behind the names of recordings and films. In fact, according to ICM ISD Quarterly Tracker 2018 research, 1 in 4 users who access illegal sites, download or watch movies infected with viruses and malware, 1 in 10 users become victims of fraud, and 1 in 20 users claim their identity is stolen. Launching the FTC, accessing illegal sites can steal user credit card information, login information, bank accounts, and others. These data are then passed on to hackers who can be sold on the dark web. Also, malware can also make device performance slower, including visiting unwanted websites.

Meanwhile, the FTC recommends 6 (six) actions to prevent user devices from being infected by malware, which is as follows:

  1. Update device software, including the operating system and applications
  2. Do not store personal information in one place, also store it in another location.
  3. Choose a strong password so it is not easily hacked.
  4. Activate the two-step security (authentication) system
  5. Share information only to websites that have been encrypted
  6. Back up data to anticipate hacked devices, so they can continue to access on other devices.

So, you should use a legal site. Because, it’s safer than illegal sites.

The Government’s Way to Stop the Piracy of Films and Music

   According to Indian law, if someone is proven to have deliberately violated and downloaded a copyrighted film, then it is considered a crime. The government has also made a decision to address the increasingly widespread film piracy. In 2019, the Cinematograph Act agreed that anyone who intentionally recorded a film without the written consent of the producer could serve a prison sentence of six months to three years and must pay fines of ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 200,000 depending on how severe the violations were. have been done. In fact, someone who intentionally distributes copies of pirated links on illegal sites can also be sentenced to prison.


  The problem of piracy like this seems to have become commonplace in the film industry. This practice has even been done for a long time. Not only movies, but music is also the right target for piracy.

Until now there has been no right solution to deal with piracy from the film industry. Things like this are indeed not easy to solve piracy, because such activities are already entrenched. There is a need for firmness and policy in addressing things like this.


This page only tells you about this website but we do not support any illegal activity. Piracy is a crime and we do not support it.